Far East Nonino

Alessandro Geatti, Udine - Italy

Created by the mixologist Alessandro Geatti, Ranked 2nd at the Regional Competition AIBES 2016, Nonino Far East is alchemy of fragrances, tastes and consistencies, sweet and crispy, which will lead you in an exciting journey Eastwards.


2,5 cl Prunella Nonino Mandorlata®
2 cl Grappa Nonino Monovitigno®
Prosecco Riserva
2 cl Cranberry juice
0,5 cl Monin Saveur Rhum
Caribbean syrup
white sesame / curry / brown sugar

How to

On the glass rim create a crust prepared with toasted white sesame glazed with curry and brown sugar grains;
add the other ingredients in the previously cooled shaker, shake and pour into the glass.
Serve in a cocktail cup and decorate with a sprig of redcurrant.
Ranked 2nd at the Regional Competition AIBES 2016.