Nonino Ginger

Mixologist Dmitry Ananiev, Rosinter Restaurants, Moscow - Russia

Created by the Russian mixologist Dmitry Ananiev, this thirst quenching and slightly spicy cocktail will conquer you.


4 cl Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Chardonnay Barriques

1.5 cl ginger juice*

1 cl pure sugar syrup**

3 cl pear juice

3 cl white grape juice

Sprite o sparkling wine o Prosecco

How to

* ginger juice: clean the fresh ginger and squeeze it with an electric centrifuge. Otherwise put some pieces of fresh, clean ginger in the glass and mesh with a pestle until obtaining the juice.

** pure sugar syrup: mix a part of boiling water with a part of fruit sugar.

Fill 1/3 of the shaker with ice, add all the ingredients.

Close the shaker and shake energetically.

Pour into a pre-cooled glass, add a lot of ice and finally pour the drink or the sparkling wine or the Prosecco.
Decorate with candied ginger.