Nonino Sweet Sensation

Mixologist Daniele Dalla Pola, Nu Lounge Bar, Bologna - Italy

From the fantasy of Daniele Dalla Pola, mixologist in Bologna, a winning cocktail that joins the sweet and spicy taste of pomegranate and ginger with the soft and long lasting taste of the Monovitigni® Pinot e Malvasia.


4 cl Grappa Nonino Monovitigni® Vendemmia

1 cl pomegranate syrup [grenadine]

1 cl centrifuged ginger

2 cl pomegranate juice

1 dash of love…

How to

Put the pomegranate syrup, the centrifuged ginger and the pomegranate juice into a mixing glass full of ice, add the Grappa Nonino Monovitigni® Cuvée Vintage Dated. Mix quickly.

Pour into a mini tumbler. Serve with an ice ball and a lemon twist.