Royal Nonino Pimm’s

Giorgio Rocchino Mixologist YCM Montecarlo

Fresh long-drink based on L’Aperitivo Nonino BotanicalDrink, thirst quenching and easy to prepare. The fresh fruit enhances the notes of berries and the fresh citrous notes of L’Aperitivo Nonino BotanicalDrink, whereas the spicy taste of the Ginger Ale emphasizes its bitter note, making this cocktail perfect for every occasion.


6 cl. L’Aperitivo Nonino BotanicalDrink

20 cl. Ginger Ale

2 raspberries

2 blackberries

½ strawberry

A slice of orange

A slice of lemon

A twist of cucumber

How to

Put in an aperitif glass 5/6 ice cubes, pour L’Aperitivo Nonino BotanicalDrink, add the ginger ale and stir delicately with a bar spoon.
Add the fresh fruit and decorate the glass with fresh fruit at pleasure.