Patricia Richards, Bartender, Health & Wellness Chair at the United States Bartenders' Guild - Las Vegas

The fragrance of citrus fruit and the delicate scent of basil join the elegance of Grappa Nonino Cru Monovitigno® Fragolino.

A surprising and exciting cocktail.


3,75 cl Grappa Nonino Cru Monovitigno® Fragolino

3 medium-sized fresh basil leaves

1,5 cl freshly squeezed

and strained lemon juice

2,25 cl 1883 Routin Blood

orange syrup

1,5 cl Limoncello

6 cl Ginger Beer

How to

Tear the basil leaves into a shaker.

Add the other ingredients except for the Ginger Beer. Fill the shaker 2/3 full of ice and shake well.

Add the Ginger Beer and strain into a low tumbler.

Garnish with small, fresh basil leaves and 1/2 slice of orange.