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PRIVACY POLICY Informative report for the Customer according to art. 13 and following EU Reg. no. 679/2016 (GDPR) [ex art. 13 d.lgs. 196/2003 – Privacy Code] With this letter we inform you that, according to and by effect of art. 13 and following of the EU Reg. 679/2016 (GDPR) and ex art. 13 d.lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), your data conferred to us will be dealt with in compliance with the rules in force, and in particular as follows. Pursuant to article 13 of the GDPR Regulation on personal data, we inform you that the processing of personal data, even sensitive, by you directly and voluntarily provided to the Company or acquired by Third Parties in compliance with the law, finalized only to the contractual relationship between Customer and Company in addition to commercial disclosure and consumer assistance, as well as tax treatment, hygiene and safety, will take place at the owner of the treatment Nonino Distillatori s.r.l. in the person of its Legal Representative, pursuant to art. 26 EU Reg. 679/2016 which jointly determine the purposes and means of the treatment itself, predisposing the use of procedures, even computerized, in the manners and limits necessary to pursue the aforementioned purposes. The person in charge of the designated treatment is Mrs. Bulfoni Giannola Nature of the data processed. Personal identification data, tax and similar, for a fair diffusion of promotional messages and/or management of the prize competitions of the company and a correct support to the consumer. Such data shall be managed within the limits in which the processing of such information is necessary to fulfill the disclosure services by which you access and the assistance which the consumer has. In any case these data will be treated in compliance with the principle of dignity and non-discrimination: to this aim, the Company has adopted the appropriate procedures for the protection and control of the data. Purposes of the treatment. The processing of the data will be carried out to allow the execution of the activities related to commercial divulgation, participation in contests and prize operations and the activities of assistance between the company and each individual consumer, ex art . 13, C. 1, point c, Reg. 679/2016. Your personal, common, sensitive and judicial data, and eventually those of your family members, will be used:
  1. for the divulgation of commercial and/or promotional messages;
  2. for the fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations related to marketing campaigns and promotions to which the consumer accesses;
  3. to defend a right in a legal dispute;
  4. for any other needs related to the needs of the relationship between the Company and the Consumer.
Nature of data conferment. We inform you that for the conferment of your data, of common or sensitive nature, for the specific purposes mentioned above, the collection of your explicit consent is required as a legal basis of lawfulness for the treatment itself as provided by art. 6, C. 1, point a, EU Reg. no. 679/2016. Treatment modalities. The data will be processed in a lawful manner, according to correctness and with the utmost confidentiality, in the full respect of the general principles set out in art. 5 of the above mentioned Regulation GDPR, mainly with electronic and computer tools and stored both on computer supports and on paper supports as well as on any other type of suitable supports, in compliance with the appropriate safety measures. Data retention period.  All the data mentioned, as well as the others, constituting the history of the relationship between the Company and the Person concerned will be stored, even in the event of the withdrawal of the consent to the processing of the data, for the fulfillment of any legal obligations related to or arising from the interruption of the aforesaid relationship for the duration of 10 years, in order to allow the Company to ascertain, exercise or defend in Court its own legal rights. Subjects who personal data may be communicated to. Personal and/or sensitive data related to the treatment in question will not be diffused, anyway they may be communicated to:
  1. Commercial Consultants, accounting and administrative consultants, suppliers, credit recovery companies or law Firms.
  2. External service providers connected to the processing and management of online and in-store promotional campaigns, as well as the supply of customer care services or to support the Company's logistical organization (e.g. couriers, Shippers).
  3. External providers of infrastructure-related services, data lines and computer software.
The third parties to whom the data are communicated are appointed Responsible for the treatment. The complete list of Responsible persons, of the companies of the Group and of the third-party companies to whom your data are communicated is available at our Offices. You may request a copy by writing to Nonino Distillatori s.r.l., at the address If the company makes use of service providers that have their Offices in Third Countries outside the European Union, it may need to transfer personal data to those Third Countries. This transfer shall be carried out in compliance with the legality requirements stated by art. 44-47 EU Reg. 679/2016 and art. 42-44 d. lgs. 196/03. The list of the data transferred and of the third countries of destination may be requested from: Nonino Distillatori s.r.l. at the address Rights of the person concerned. The persons concerned are acknowledged the rights referred to in articles 15 and following of the abovementioned Regulation (article 7 of the Privacy Code) and in particular the right to ask the Person in charge of the treatment for access to personal data and the rectification or deletion of the same or the limitation of the processing of the personal data concerning him/her, as well as to oppose their treatment, in addition to the right to the portability of data. The exercise of these rights may be taken by writing to Nonino Distillatori s.r.l. at the address Revocation of consent. We inform you that you may revoke at any time the consent provided for the specific treatment of your data for which it had been requested to you, by addressing to Nonino Distillatori, at the office Complaint. In any case the person concerned is entitled to file, if the requirements are met and in the case of infringements, a complaint to the Supervisory Authority in matters of privacy.