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16 January 2017

LSE Business Review presents the case of Grappa Nonino "from Cinderella into a market queen"

The Nonino revolution carried on by Giannola — the wife of Benito, an exceptional distiller — is taken as a case study by one of the most influential academic reviews in the world: the London School of Economics (LSE) Business Review. The case of Nonino Grappa, “from Cinderella into a market queen” shows what is needed to elevate the status of a whole market category. “Giannola and her family, thanks to their Grappa di Picolit, created a beachhead into the expensive high status category occupied by foreign spirits; other producers followed and, eventually, the whole meaning of grappa in Italian society turned on its head. Grappa became ‘lo spirito nazionale’, at equal level with whisky and cognac. […] An hedonic must of Italian after-dinner tasting”. The article is based on the paper How Cinderella Became a Queen Theorizing Radical Status Change, written by Professors Giuseppe Delmestri and Royston Greenwood, and published in Administrative Science Quarterly, December 2016. Read the article
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