Grappa Basil Smash

Le Lion Bar de Paris - Joerg Meyer

Grappa Basil Smash is the twist with Grappa Nonino of the famous Gin Basil Smash by Joerg Meyer. On the occasion of the Bar Convent Berlin Joerg Meyer accepts Antonella Nonino’s challenge: Be Brave Mix Grappa! The first cocktail by which he decides to test grappa in mixology is his iconic “Basil Smash”. Replacing Gin with Grappa Nonino 43°, he creates a different Basil Smash, which conquers everybody with its unexpected fruity taste.


70 ml Grappa Nonino Tradizione 43°

20 ml Cane sugar syrup

30 ml Lemon juice

fresh basil leaves

How to

Muddle a handful of fresh basil in a shaker. Add the liquid ingredients and shake with ice.

Fine strain into tumbler on ice and garnish with a basil leaf.

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