Italiano cocktail con Grappa Nonino Monovitigno Moscato



Monica Berg und Alex Kratena - Tayēr Elementary

Italiano, created at Tayēr Elementary, the innovative cocktail bar opened by Monica Berg and Alex Kratena, is an unbelievably fresh, thirst quenching and light aperitif.
The scents and fragrances of Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato blend with the other ingredients in an involving and easy to drink mix, that leaves you breathless.


2,5cl Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato
1,5cl Neroli Cordial
8,5cl Fever tree Ginger ale
Fat ice

How to

Put in a high tumbler with an ice cube, Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato and the Neroli Cordial, stir the ingredients with a bar-spoon and finish with a top of Fever tree Ginger ale.

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