La Follia del Quintessentia

Chef sommelier Matteo Zappile, Il Pagliaccio, Rome- Italy

A cocktail to be eaten, created by Matteo Zappile from the Il Pagliaccio in Rome. The orange cubes soaked in Amaro Quintessentia® for 24 hours give a unique experience.


8 cl Nonino Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®

3 cl Sherry Pedro Ximénez Solera

2 cl Vodka Kauffmann Hard

20 small orange peel cubes, to be easily swallowed

How to

Let the orange peel cubes macerate in the Amaro Nonino Quintessentia® for at least one day.

Then, lay them down in the tumbler bottom on an ice base, cover with ice cubes and add the remaining ingredients.

Decorate with a chinotto slice.

Cocktail to be eaten.