Malva Reale

Le Lion Bar de Paris - Joerg Meyer

Malva Reale is the twist with ÙE® Malvasia of the signature cocktail of the Bar Le Lion. On the occasion of the Bar Convent Berlin, Joerg Meyer accepts Antonella Nonino’s challenge: Be Brave Mix Grappa! Joerg Meyer and Marian Gadzewski revise one of the most popular cocktails of their bar in Hamburg: The Malve Royal. Therefore they replace vodka infused with hibiscus with Malvasia Nonino Grape Distillate, creating the Malva Reale.


60 ml Hibiscus infused ÙE Malvasia Monovitigno®

10 ml Agave syrup

25 ml Bourgoin Verjus

1 Dash Salt solution

How to

Stir in a mixing glass on ice cubes, strain into Coupette glass and fill up with Champagne.

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