Uespresso Martini

Le Lion Bar de Paris

Uespresso Martini is the twist of Espresso Martini with ÙE® Uvabianca. On the occasion of the Bar Convent Berlin, Joerg Meyer accepts Antonella Nonino’s challenge: Be Brave Mix Grappa! Joerg and Marian Gadzewski so revise a classic of the after dinner: Espresso Martini. They create Uespresso Martini with ÙE® grape distillate Uvabianca. The Nonino Grape Distillate makes the cocktail soft, floral, and even more irresistible.


40 ml ÙE Uvabianca Nonino

20 ml Dutch Cacao

10 ml Borghetti

1 Fresh brewed espresso

How to

Shake on ice, dry shake & pour into Coupette glass.

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