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2400 barriques in our aging cellars under seal!

The 7 Nonino aging cellars (M.I.G.) house 105 new barriques and officially house a total number of 2400 barriques and small casks made of Nevers, Limousin, Grésigne and ex Sherry Oak, and Acacia, wild Cherry, Ash and Pear wood!

Since 1952 Grappa Nonino has been aged in barriques and small casks under seal and permanent surveillance by the Customs Agency to offer you aged grappa and grappa riserva with real aging, certified and declared on the label.

The pleasantness of our Italian Grappa come from using artisanl distillation method in copper stills and the amber color of Nonino aged craft spirits comes exclusively from the aging in barriques; we add neither coloring agents nor caramel, to let you taste the natural smoothness of aged Italian brandy.

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