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With food you educate, with food you change! 

Nonino supports Carlo Petrini’s appeal

We have always promoted the culture of the art of distillation, “responsible drinking” and transparency on the label so that the connoisseur of Grappa and spirits can make an informed choice.
Since the 1970s we have been fighting for transparency on the label of Grappa, to ensure that the distillation method with which it was obtained, by whom it was distilled and how long it was aged are clearly specified. After all the love and passion we put into creating our grappa, distillates and liqueurs, we would like tasting to become a cultural experience, involving all the senses but also the head, because our distillates represent the history and the tradition of over 127 years of distillation of our family. This is why we immediately felt involved in the appeal of Carlo Petrini, friend, founder of Slow Food and 2007 Nonino Prize winner for the inclusion of food education in schools. “Food education allows you rediscovering the pleasure of food, understanding its value, learning the way in which it is produced, transformed and distributed and understanding its social, cultural, economic and environmental dynamics. Through food education and virtuous eating behaviors by all of us, the table can become a place of awareness and pleasure, and the context in which ecological conversion takes shape in a more rapid, effective, concrete and daily way”.
As the Nonino family we invite you to sign this appeal, because there is no responsible consumption without conscious consumption.

Read and sign!