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Giannola Nonino awarded at the Talent Award 2017

Giannola Nonino, at the Chamber of Deputies, was awarded the Prize Italian Talent Award 2017 in the category Enterprise and Culture, in the 120th anniversary of Grappa Nonino.

A prestigious award dedicated to journalists and to the Excellences that promote the agricultural and food Made in Italy.

‘Together with her husband Benito and her family she has devoted herself to research for all her life, so managing to achieve the unbelievable status change of Grappa on the same level of the noblest distillates in the world.  The Nonino family is an excellence in the promotion of culture with Nonino Prize, a literary and gourmet acknowledgement for the valorization of the rural civilization and to promote the integration of disabled children and young boys and girls through the Manos Blancas Chorus and supported by the Nonino Distillatori’, this is what the motivation of the Jury reports.

Together with Giannola Nonino the prize was awarded to prestigious personalities as: the famous journalist and science popularizer Piero Angela Lifetime Achievement Award, Ada Urbani Woman Award, enterprise and society, Luciano Fontana Printed Press Award, Guido Barendson Journalistic Gourmet Award, Silvia Grilli Journalistic Magazine Award. The Italian Talent Awards to “excellences” have been awarded to: Giuseppe Di Martino Gourmet and fashion Award, Geltrude Mingrone Health and Nourishment Award, Maria Chiara Fontanella Innovation Award, Riccardo Cotarella Gourmet and solidarity Award, Generoso Di Meo Wine Award, art and tradition, Rosalba Giugni Nourishment and sea Award.