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Grappa Nonino Cru Monovitigno® Picolit protagonist of Italy’s excellence at the traveling exhibition
Monovitigno® Grappa Nonino Picolit, High craftsmanship of the Spirit has been selected to represent the Made
in Italy excellence at the travelling exhibition “Created in Italy: the aptitude for the impossible”, a passionate story
of the Italian know-how and the productive quality of our country.

The exhibition, conceived by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and curated by the
Golden Compasses Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti and Francesca Picchi, will display some of the most important
Italian excellences in the field of industrial design and technological innovation. The aim is to give the international
public a vivid image of Italian talent through several stories of individuals and ideas, to highlight the qualities and
characteristics of creativity and multi-faceted Italian production.

Among the common characteristics of the pieces on display, among which Monovitigno® Grappa Nonino stands
out, there are the meticulous search for perfection, a renewed inventive spirit, and a constant urge to experiment:
stories of daily excellence, courage, passion and identity of the Italy that counts.

The Nonino family has been devoted to the art of distillation in Friuli since 1897. Founded by Orazio Nonino as an
itinerant distillery, it was in 1973 that Nonino, thanks to the initiative of Benito and Giannola Nonino, underwent
an important evolution based on the intuition of distilling the pomace of Picolit grapes separately, starting the
Nonino revolution of Monovitigno®. “It is a story capable of teaching everyone, and in particular young people,
that excellence is not a miraculous gift, fallen from the sky, but a fruit that has to be cultivated with dedication,
joy and a sense of responsibility”.

 “Created in Italy” aims to indicate a starting point rather than a point of arrival and to enrich, over time, this first collection
of stories of excellence and innovation. The exhibition is open until February 15, by reservation

– at the new headquarters of the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco c/o
INNOVIT Italian Innovation and Culture Hub, 710 Sansome St. in San Francisco and will continue in Melbourne,

Among the companies on display, besides Nonino Distillatori:

Abet Laminati/ Alpi/ Brembo/ Coex/ Crea Concrete Design/ Cressi Sub/ Dainese/ Directa Plus/ Eumakers/ Falci/
Fizik/ Fontana Group/ Foscarini/ GAM/ Gemar/ Grivel/ K-Array/ Kong/ Landucci/ Limonta/ Magis/ Nonino/
Novamont/ Omnicos Group/ Pedrali/ Petroceramics/ Plastitalia/ Springa/ Terre Davis/ Tecno Tessile Adler/