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Grappa Nonino supports P(our) the no-profit organization of the bartender community with thirst of knowledge

Grappa Nonino supports P(our), the international charitable project created by Alex Kratena, Simone Caporale, Monica Berg, Xavier Padovani, JimMeehan, Joerg Meyer, Ryan Chetiyawardana, whose aim is creating a global community of bartenders, barmen, sommelier, brewers, distillers and wine producers which can stimulate and reinvent the beverage world through new ideas, knowledge, inspirations, experiences and values. P(OUR) = OUR + PURE. Our community, Our industry, Our responsibility, Pure honest, Pure reliable, Pure Uncorrupted. Sustainability, growth and knowledge are essential elements of the very identity of P(our).

And on these values and these certainties #PourProject Amazonia Project has been started, a plan for the building of an environmental and eco-friendly structure in the Amazonian rain forest, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lima, to produce Ajé Negro, fermented sauce made with bitter manioc, produced for centuries by the Bora native communities in the Amazonian rain forest, and used by bartenders everywhere in the world.

The new building is aimed to optimize the production of Ajè Negro and will give shelter to more than 40 local communities, representing an important source of self-sustainment. The Amazonia project is joined by Symposium, the annual event organized by P(our), which in 2017 has wanted to draw the attention on the Gender theme and on the problems connected with equality and with diversity intended as a value, also and above all in the world of work, and in particular in the beverage world

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