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Nonino, the Grappa that made the history of the Made in Italy at the exhibition “Identitalia The IconicItalian brand!”

In Rome at Palazzo Piacentini in via Veneto, the headquarters of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, the exhibition “Identitalia the IconicItalian brand” dedicated to the most important brands that have made and are making the history of our country was inaugurated. We are happy and honored that the Ministry of Made in Italy wanted our family to represent Grappa and its history at this exhibition. It’s a wonderful recognition of our work as distillers. A few decades ago, Grappa was considered a raw, poor product, but today it is the distillate that represents the excellence of the Made in Italy in the world. And all this because two Friulian distillers, my parents, Giannola and Benito Nonino, decided to go against the custom of distilling pomace from white and red grapes mixed together, creating on December 1, 1973 the first Grappa Monovitigno® in history, Picolit Cru Nonino. We hope that it can be seen as a beautiful example of how working with commitment and passion makes everything possible, including transforming Grappa “from Cinderella to a Queen of spirits”.