Silent Cellar di Simone Caporale , cocktail con Grappa Nonino AnticaCuvée


Silent Cellar

Simone Caporale

Silent Cellar by Simone Caporale is a cocktail with Grappa Nonino AnticaCuvée created with the aim of turning into a drink the fragrances that can be smelled inside the Nonino aging cellars under seal (M.I.G.).


3 cl. Grappa Nonino Riserva AnticaCuvée® aged 5 Years
4 cl. Oloroso Sherry
1 cl. maple syrup
0,5 cl. Verjus (juice of unripe grapes)

How to

Add the ingredients one by one at a temperature of about 14° (the temperature of the aging cellar) into a food safe glass container. Mix so that all the ingredients are well combined – the maple syrup is quite thick.

Serve at room temperature, without ice, in an open tulip shaped glass.