GIOIELLO® Acacia Honey Spirit

The distillate of ‘purity’, obtained by distilling pure Acacia Honey. Elegant and very delicate.

Gioiello acquavite di miele di acacia

On 3rd April 2000 Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta Nonino introduced GIOIELLO®, the distillate of ‘Purity’, the Aquavitae obtained from the distillation of pure honey in all its taste varieties. The distillation of honey presented difficulties especially in the fermentation phase which varies from honey to honey. Only a great amount of experience gleaned over many years of work has allowed the Nonino family the opportunity of making this new extraordinary Distillate.

Besides the fermentation difficulties, the Noninos had to overcome bureaucratic and ministerial category-related obstacles due mainly to the origin of the primary product: honey, being of non-vegetal origin, was not regulated. For this reason, in order to market the Honey Spirit, the Noninos had to ask the governing Ministry for the publication of regulations for Honey distillates in the Official Bulletin.

  • Primary Product

    Acacia Honey

  • Artisanal Distillation

    Discontinuous with head and tail cutting, in copper steam stills.

  • Alcohol Content

    37% vol.

  • Bottling

    Transparent glass bottles of 350 and 700 ml.

  • Taste Sentation

    10°C or served in an iced glass with an open tulip shape.

  • Tasting

    Elegant and very delicate.

Primary Product

Acacia Honey. The production is very limited as it is strictly governed by the qualityof the honey, which must necessarily come from ecologically pure environments.

The Honey Distillate, GIOIELLO®, is transparent, crystal clear, dry or soft or aromatic, according to the
honey being used.


In stainless steel tanks under vacuum and in temperature controlled conditions.


From six months to a year in stainless steel tanks.

100% Distilled with artisanal method

Batch method with the removal of the heads and the tails, in special artisanal copper batch steam stills renovated by Benito Nonino for the distillation of honey. The distillation happens very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the perfumes, a proper evaporation period and subsequent condensation, in order to keep intact the precious organoleptic characteristics of the chosen honey.


Elegant and very delicate. It perfectly corresponds to the scent and taste of acacia honey. Typical.
Before tasting, Gioiello® should be allowed to rest in the glass for some minutes: on exposure to oxygen, the perfumes are enhanced and the nose/palate harmony is perfected.


It goes particularly well with those cheeses which have great personalities, with foie gras, with dry desserts and with all desserts based on honey or ice-cream. To enhance its perfume, it can be added to sauces to accompany game, white meats and fish.

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