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Barawards 2017

Grappa Nonino at the Barawards 2017 Premio Nonino Bartender of the Year.

In collaboration with Bargiornale it took place last Monday 11th December, where more than 300 bartenders, journalists and restaurateurs coming from all over Italy, took part in the evening.

Mattia Pastori of the Bulk in Milan is Premio Nonino Barawards 2017 – Bartender of the year. Alex Frezza of the L’Antiquario in Naples at the second place and Riccardo Marinelli of The Jerry Thomas Project in Roma at the third place. Compliments also to Daniele Dalla Pola of the Nu Lounge in Bologna, Mirko Turconi of the Lounge 35 in Turin, Cinzia Ferro of the Estremadura Café in Verbania, Salvatore Scamardella of the Club Decò in Milan, Yuri Gelmini of the Surfer’s Den in Milan, Nicolò Cavaliere of the Iter in Milan and to Luca Marcellin of the Drinc. in Milan.

A great success for Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®, the extraordinary and versatile protagonist of the evening: from the aperitif to the pairing with chocolate, and in the new and extraordinary Cocktail Milano-Nonino, created by Daniele Dalla Pola, world famous mixologist who won the Premio Martini Barteam of the year, with the Nu Lounge Bar in Bologna.