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Nonino Distillates and Toscano cigar, a winning pair.

The magazine of the Friends of the Toscano Club, in the December 2012 issue, dedicates an intense article to the Nonino Distilleries, suggesting couplings that exalt Grappa and the cigar, creating a charming and unexpected union.

The Toscano cigar, in fact, matches perfectly with Nonino Distillates; an exceptional taste is the extraordinary Antico Toscano of the year 2000 that Cristina offers us flavored in Grappa Nonino Riserva AnticaCuvée®; then we have GIOIELLO®, Chestnut honey distillate, coupled with chestnut honey and Tuscan pecorino which, when you have lighted your cigar, puzzles you with its notes of pepper, its toasting, and its noble wood and opens a full and intense sensation. Again the Toscano, smoked in the Maremma style, is coupled to Nonino Pirus®, the distillate of Williams pears from Val Venosta, which opens the palate to fruity notes; finally, the winning pair is Toscano cigar with Grappa Nonino Riserva 115th Anniversary, a blend of grappas distilled with batch steam stills from Monovitigno® pomace of Malvasia, Verduzzo, Schioppettino and of the Hills of Friuli, aged from 3 to 19 tears in Limousin, Nevers, Grésigne and ex-Sherry barriques, where the more and more intense bitter taste of the cigar matches in “harmonious senses” notes of cacao, marzipan and brioche.