ÙE® l’Acquavite d’Uva

Riserva Nonino 18 Years

ÙE® Monovitgno® Cabernet Cru Friuli, Harvest 1997. Aged 18 years in the Nevers barrique n.60. Enveloping and spicy. Very limited, dated and numbered production.

15th July 2011: To celebrate the twenty-seventh anniversary of the creation of ÙE® the Grape Spirit, the Nonino Family takes out of their Ageing Cellars ÙE® Nonino Monovitigno® Verduzzo Cru Friuli Colli Orientali, the grape distillate aged 18 years in barrel No. 105 made from Limousin oak.

17th March 2017: The Nonino Family takes out of their Ageing Cellars under seal and permanence surveillance by the Customs and Monopoly agency ÙE® Nonino Monovitigno® Caberner Cru Friuli, the grape spirit aged 18 years in the Nevers barrique No. 60.

  • Primary Product

    Monovitigno® Cabernet Cru grapes Friuli, Harvest 1997

  • Artisanal Distillation

    Discontinuous with head and tail cutting, in copper steam stills.

  • Natural aging

    18 years in the Nevers barrique n. 60. 0% color additives.

  • Alcohol Content

    45% vol.

  • Bottling

    Hand made, hand-blown, dated and numbered 700 ml glass decanter, 24 carat gold plated metal stopper.

  • Taste Sentation

    It should be served at room temperature in a wide balloon type glass.

  • Tasting

    Enveloping and spicy.

Primary Product

Monovitigno® Cabernet grapes, Harvest 1997, selected according to the uniqueness of the production zones Cru Friuli, harvested fresh and perfectly ripe to keep intact the fragrances and flavors of the vine variety of origin.

Very limited, dated and numbered production.


Under vacuum in stainless-steel tanks at controlled temperature, immediately
followed by distillation in order to avoid harmful secondary fermentations.

Natural Ageing

Natural Ageing – Beginning of the ageing in the owner’s cellars 7th May 1998 in barrique No. 60 of Nevers oak.
Drawn on 17th March 2017 Anhydrous liters 119 equivalent to liters 265 equal to 378 small 700 ml bottles. Bottled without color additives.

100% Distilled with artisanal method

Batch method with the removal of the heads and the tails in special artisanal batch steam stills created by Benito Nonino for the distillation of grapes. The distillation happens very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the perfumes, a proper evaporation period and subsequent condensation, in order to keep intact the precious organoleptic characteristics of the chosen vines varieties.


Visual sensation – Amber with copper shades, clear and velvety.
Olfactory Sensation – Intense, fruity, apricot and apple overtones with light fruit jam scents, vanilla, almond, dried fruit and nuts, chocolate hints. Very persistent. Taste Sensation – Enveloping and spicy, with light notes of aromatic wood, long persistence.
Unique in the world for innovation and research, it contradicts the books about ageing in barriques, which usually command the placement in wood of the uncharacterized distillates, because it maintains the elegant, fruit and flower scents typical of vine Cabernet Cru Friuli.


The elegant and rich personality of ÙE® Cabernet Cru Friuli 18 Years Riserva makes it the ideal choice after
dinner, the perfect companion for reading, socialising and meditation. Perfect with a cigar, dark
chocolate and foie gras.