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Grappa Vendemmia Nonino is a distillate with a charming personality as it couples the elegance and richness of the fragrances, an extraordinary character.
It reflects its distinctive background, the story and the customs of the Nonino Family tradition whence it originates.
The Nonino family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary product and follows the various phases of distillation to guarantee the maximum quality of Grappa.
  • Primary Product:

    Precious pomace harvested fresh and soft of Pinot and Malvasia grapes.

  • Artisanal Distillation:

    Discontinuous with head and tail cutting, in copper steam stills.

  • Alcohol Content:

    40% vol.

  • Bottling:

    Non manual. Bottle in transparent glass 350, 500, 700, 2000. Manual 6300 ml.

  • Tasting:

    It should be served at about 12°C in an icy open tulip shaped glass.

  • Taste Sentation:

    Soft, elegant, scents of apricot, green apple, and raisins.

Primary Product

Precious pomace, fresh, soft and carefully destalked of Monovitigno® Pinot and Malvasia grapes.

Production strictly dependent on the individual year’s harvest.


Under vacuum in stainless-steel tanks at controlled temperature, immediately
followed by distillation in order to avoid harmful secondary fermentations.


From six months to a year in stainless steel tanks.

100% Distilled with artisanal method

Batch method with head and tail removal, in particular and exclusive copper steam stills renewed by Benito Nonino. Distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible of the fragrances, a proper evaporation and the consequent condensation preserving the precious organoleptic characteristics of vine variety chosen.


Visual sensation – Clear and crystalline.
Olfactory sensation – Soft, aromatic and floral with scents of pastry.
Tasting sensation – Elegant, fruity, scents of apricot, green apple, and raisins.
It should be served at about 12°C in an open tulip shaped glass. Before tasting, it should rest in the glass for some minutes: taking oxygen the fragrances are exalted and the nose-palate harmony is completed.


Vendemmia available in an individually packaged case.
Vendemmia available in a brown color decorated cylinder, only in the 700 ml capacity.
Vendemmia available in a red color decorated cylinder, only in the 700 ml capacity.
Vendemmia available, in the Imperial 6300 ml size, in a wooden case and, upon request, with the elegant pipette that allows drawing and dosing the right quantity of Distillate.
Vendemmia available in a decorated cardboard frame, with gold color interior, which can contain, upon request, a choice of 2 bottles 350 ml of:
Grappa Monovitigno® and Monovitigni®
Grappa Vendemmia Riserva
ÙE® Monovitigno® and Monovitigni®
GIOIELLO® Honey distillate
FRUT® Fruit distillate (Cerasus, Pirus e Prunus)
Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®
Vendemmia available, in the 700 ml capacity, in a decorated case with 2 Nonino Tumblers.
Vendemmia è disponibile singolarmente, nella capacità da 700 ml, in cornice in cartoncino decorato, interno color oro.
Vendemmia individually available in a water painted wooden case, with silver color silk screen and leather fastener, only in the 700 ml capacity.

Grapes and cane sugar

Decorate with a few grapes and cane sugar sticks



Lime and brown sugar match perfectly with the aromatic softness and the fruity scents of Grappa Nonino Vendemmia, giving birth to a pounded cocktail with great character.


Decorate with a lemon twist


Nonino Sweet Sensation

From the fantasy of Daniele Dalla Pola, mixologist in Bologna, a winning cocktail that joins the sweet and spicy taste of pomegranate and ginger with the soft and long lasting taste of the Monovitigni® Pinot e Malvasia.


Perfect if coupled to fish and sushi, cream based sweets, ice-cream
or if added to fruit salad in the quantity of a spoon.