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Distillate obtained from the maceration and distillation of only ginger. Fermented in purity in an anaerobic environment in stainless steel tanks, the ginger is distilled in our artisanal stills with batch steam distillation with head and tail removal.
The slow processing allows the volatile components to evaporate and condensate in the best way, preserving intact the intense perfume and the spicy taste of ginger.
  • Primary Product:

    Distillate of only ginger, botanical Zingiber officinale Roscoe.

  • Artisanal Distillation:

    Batch, with head and tail removal, in particular and exclusive steam stills.

  • Alcohol Content:

    50% vol.

  • Bottling:

    Exclusive bottle diamond wheel engraved, in frosted glass velvet effect 500 ml.
    Glass bottle 100 ml in the Nonino Twist package.

  • Tasting:

    It should be served at 8° in a tulip shaped open glass which allows its oxygenation.

  • Taste Sentation:

    Inimitable spicy perfume, warm, spicy and peppery. In the end a citrous scent, a peculiar characteristic of the ginger chosen. To the palate it is intense and spicy, with exotic and lemongrass notes, very long lasting.

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Primary Product

Distillate of only ginger, botanical Zingiber officinale Roscoe.

Italian  biological Ginger from Sicily.


In purity in an anaerobic environment in stainless steel tanks, immediately followed by distillation to avoid harmful secondary fermentations


From six months to a year in stainless steel tanks.

100% Distilled with artisanal method

Distillation 100% with artisanal method with head and tail removal, in particular and exclusive steam stills renewed by Benito Nonino for the distillation of particular primary products such as fruit and ginger. Distillation takes place very slowly, with head and tail cutting, to allow the volatile components, responsible for the fragrances, a proper evaporation and consequent condensation preserving the precious organoleptic characteristics unchanged.


Meditation distillate, Nonino Ginger Spirit should be served at 8° in an open glass which allows its oxygenation. In cooking it is special when sprayed on raw fish, fresh fruit and chocolate. It is a wonderful final touch for cocktails. As Galeno, the Greek doctor, said already in 150 B.C.: “ginger lights”!


Nonino GingerSpirit is available in the 500 ml capacity, protected by elegant cellophane and as the Nonino Twist in the 100 ml. capacity.



Fresh long drink based on Nonino GingerSpirit, thirst quenching and easy to prepare. The spicy and citrous fragrances of the ginger distillate are softened and enhanced by the tonic water, making this cocktail perfect for any occasion.

Edible flower

Edible flower or a small slice of fresh ginger



 Yellow, the Highball drink by Mattia Pastori is a fresh cocktail, light and easy to prepare. The fruity and citrous notes of L'Aperitivo Nonino BotanicalDrink blend with the floral notes of the soda with elder flowers and is enriched with the spice and lemongrass notes of the Nonino GingerSpirit. A fragrant and thirst-quenching cocktail, the perfect Aperitivo to be sipped on sunny days.


Alphonso Mango

Alphonso Mango, the Cocktail created at Tayēr Elementary, the innovative bar opened in London by the most famous couple of mixology, Monica Berg and Alex Kratena, has fruity and spicy notes. This straight up cocktail, marries the exotic notes of the Nonino GingerSpirit with the tastes of Alphonso mango, known for its sweetness and unique tastes.
Mandi Sour cocktail con Grappa Nonino, Amaro Nonino e Nonino GingerSpirit


Mandi Sour

Mandi Sour is a cocktail, a true hymn to Nonino, created by the President of IBA Giorgio Fadda. For the first time Grappa Nonino, Amaro Nonino and Nonino GingerSpirit in a single cocktail.


Fish, fresh fruit and chocolate.