Nonino is the first italian brand and the only Grappa awarded!


Amaro Nonino


From an ancient
family recipeExtraordinary herbal scent ennobled by ÙE® Grape distillate aged at least 12 months in barriques and small casks.


Grappa Nonino Riserva Aged 25 years Single Cask

The only Grappa with aging certificate 25 years under seal and permanent surveillance by the Customs Agency office.
Obtained from grappa aged since 1994 in the Limousin Oak barrique nr. 2539. Only 255 numbered bottles.

Aperitifs and Cocktails

Nonino distillates in fabulous cocktails and aperitifs for the happiness of the palate and the spirit. Suggested by international mixologists everywhere in the world. Nonino cocktails and Aperitifs: to be tasted in company to celebrate an anniversary, to relax after an intense working day or before flinging into a love declaration, while listening to your favorite music or as the perfect beginning of a romantic evening! Drink responsibly.

Through uncounted decades, grappa was little more than a cheap, portable form of central heating for peasants in northern Italy. Fancier Italians, and most foreigners, disdained it. But that was before the Noninos of Percoto came to prominence

GrappaCru Monovitigno®


Grappa Nonino Cru Monovitigno Picolit
GrappaRiserve vintage dated

Grappa Nonino Riserva 25 years single cask

GrappaRiserve vintage dated

AnticaCuvée® Riserva Aged 5 Years


Il Moscato

1 December 1973

the Noninos create the first ever Single varietal grappa, the Monovitigno® Nonino

In Percoto the new age of Grappa begins. Benito and Giannola, respecting the tradition, revolutionize the way of producing and introducing Grappa in Italy and throughout the world. They create the single varietal Grappa, Monovitigno® Nonino, distilling the pomace of Picolit grapes separately.

Nonino method

The Nonino Distilleries, unique in the world, consist of Five Artisanal Distilleries with copper batch steam stills, for the production of the inimitable Nonino Distillates, respecting the Tradition and the rhythms of Craftsmanship.

I should say at once that making money has never been our primary motivation, even in an age when profit appears to be the universal measure of success. Our overriding goal is constant improvement as we strive relentlessly after quality and innovate to make the best grappa in the world, in full respect of the territory and its culture: a grappa so fragrant with the aromas of its grape that it seduces even the most discriminating consumers.

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