Il Moscato

Elegant, aromatic, soft and sensual with the perfume of roses, thyme and vanilla.

Bottiglia di Grappa Nonino Moscato Monovitigno

I Vigneti Monovitigno® are obtained by distilling pomace from a single grape variety which is linked to more dedicated production zones.

The Nonino family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary product and follows the various phases of distillation to guarantee the maximum quality of Grappa.

  • Primary Product

    Fresh pomace of Muscat grapes from dedicated production zones.

  • Artisanal Distillation

    Discontinuous with head and tail cutting, in copper steam stills.

  • Alcohol Content

    41% vol.

  • Bottling

    Bottle in transparent glass 100, 350, 500, 700 and 2000 ml.

  • Taste Sentation

    It should be served at about 12°C or in an icy open tulip shaped glass.

  • Tasting

    Elegant, aromatic, soft and sensual.

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Primary Product

The pomace, collected when it is fresh and soft, is selected from Muscat grapes from dedicated production zones.

Production strictly dependent on the individual year’s harvest.


Under vacuum in stainless-steel tanks at controlled temperature, immediately
followed by distillation in order to avoid harmful secondary fermentations.


From six months to a year in stainless steel tanks.

100% Distilled with artisanal method

Batch method with head and tail removal, in particular and exclusive copper steam stills renewed by Benito Nonino. Distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible of the fragrances, a proper evaporation and the consequent condensation preserving the precious organoleptic characteristics of vine variety chosen.


Elegant, aromatic, soft and sensual with the perfume of roses, sage and vanilla.
It should be served at about 12°C or in an icy open tulip shaped glass. Before tasting, Grappa should rest in the glass for some minutes: taking oxygen the fragrances are exalted and the nose-palate harmony is completed.


Giannola 38

Bartender Pluripremiati Alex Kratena e Monica Berg

From the experience of Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, multi-award winner bartenders and members of P(our), Giannola 38 is born, the cocktail based on Grappa Monovitigno® Moscato dedicated to the Queen of Grappa on the occasion of the Nonino Prize 2019.
Italiano cocktail con Grappa Nonino Monovitigno Moscato



Monica Berg und Alex Kratena - Tayēr Elementary

Italiano, created at Tayēr Elementary, the innovative cocktail bar opened by Monica Berg and Alex Kratena, is an unbelievably fresh, thirst quenching and light aperitif. The scents and fragrances of Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato blend with the other ingredients in an involving and easy to drink mix, that leaves you breathless.


Rosina Ferrario No. 203

Bartender ed imprenditore Joerg Meyer

Created by Joerg Meyer for the section ‘Brave Cocktails’ of the Sap Bar in Paris, the cocktail based on Grappa Monovitigno® Moscato has been named ‘Rosina Ferrario No. 203’ by the creator himself in honor of the first Italian woman who obtained the pilot’s license.



Mixologist Dmitry Ananiev, Rosinter Restaurants, Moscow - Russia

The fragrance of Moscato Grapes, harvested fresh and soft from dedicated areas, is celebrated in this floral and enveloping cocktail, signed by Dmitry Ananiev, mixologist in Moscow.


Moscato NoninoTonic®

Nonino Family

A fresh long drink, thirst quenching and easy to prepare. Moscato NoninoTonic® is perfect for who loves floral flavors, with Il Moscato Nonino Grappa Monovitigno® and leaves of mint or sage.


Nonino Sisters

Head Barman Aibes Antonio Germani, Istituto Alberghiero “B.Stringher”, Udine - Italy

Fresh ginger and lime join the sensual scents of rose, sage and vanilla of Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato. The result is this delicate and thirst quenching cocktail signed by Antonio Germani.


Sophisticated Lady

Mixologist Daniele Dalla Pola, Nu Lounge Bar, Bologna - Italy

A cocktail for who loves making experiments with taste matches, based on Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato infused with fresh strawberries.



Mixologist Jörg Krause, Munich - Germany

A fresh cocktail that celebrates the summer, conceived by the German mixologist Jörg Krause, based on Grappa Nonino Monovitigno® Moscato and Amaro Nonino Quintessentia®.


Sangria Nonino

Mixologist Roberto Rossi, Can Carlos - Formentera - Spagna

Fresco, inviting and rich of character. The perfect Aperitif to create the right atmosphere!


With respect to an aromatic variety such as Moscato, the Grappa is excellent served with cream cakes, cream in general (both crème anglaise and whipped cream) and ice-cream. It is perfect on a fresh fruit salad.